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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 5, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the driver of a stolen cab take place on a high speed chase. a south bay paramedic has died. how the coworkers are responding. new developments in the ongoing standoff between knot and south korea. the actions being taken by north korea that has the world on edge. we are live in san francisco where your world champion san francisco giants start opening day here in san francisco. thank you for joining us it's friday, april 5th i'm pam
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cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores. >> with have a lot going on today. a little bit of drizzle here. nothing compared to yesterday when it was flat out rain. a lot of low clouds and foggy conditions. it will be partly sunny today. clouds roll in tonight. no big deal for the giants game. they will be fine. 60s to 70 degrees. here is sal. good morning. this is highway 4. also no problems on interstate 680. this is a look at 237 westbound. it's a nice looking drive as you cross 880. let's go back to the desk. in over night news san francisco police are searching for a suspect accused of leading them on a high speed chase in a stolen taxi cab. paul chambers is at san francisco state university where this pursuit ended. we understand that taxi has just been removed but a pretty big crash there.
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>> that is correct. in the last six minutes the cab driver was given the cab to take back. it was right here behind us. there is nothing but space behind us right now. police went on a high speed chase this morning. let's take a look at the video. trailed by at least a half dozen police officers suspect in a stolen cab drove through several city streets before hopping on 280 and speeding down the highway ending up at pacifica where the suspect turned around and came back to san francisco. >> we see this taxi cab roll up and this guy jumps out of it and before it stops and slams into the parking poles here. soon enough a cop jumps up behind him and they both start running. >> reporter: police have searched through campus. they have detained a couple people but released them. police say this all started because the cab driver was being a nice guy. he had a person that had a little too much to drink in his
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vehicle. he helped that person out of the vehicle and some unrelated person jumped in and took off. we do not have a suspect description but we know the person is out and still at large. live in san francisco i'm paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news ktvu . the pickup truck in the picture there snapped the power pole at about 1:30. the transformer blew and people saw that flash from miles away. at first 3500 customers lost power immediately. this morning rescue teams in boulder creek will resume their search for a missing woman. he told authorities she went to look at her garden but never came back. authority authorities say rivas
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has a history of seizures. she is described as 5'7" and wigs 157 pounds -- and weighs 157 pounds. anyone with information is told to call the santa cruz sheriffs office. we have an update of a south paramedic shot in oakland. yesterday afternoon quinn boyar died of his yours. bioer was shot in the head tuesday afternoon at a stop sign on keller avenue. santa clara county ambulance the company he worked for released this statement a few minutes ago and says quote our hearts are heavy with emotion and we certainly want to extend our thoughts and prayers to their families and friends as they cope with this loss. he will be greatly missed. coming up at 5:30 we'll have a live report from the company where boyer worked.
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reports that north carolina has placed two range missiles on mobile launchers. the missile have a range up to 1800 miles. that means they could reach south korea, japan, or u.s. bases in guam. the u.s. is installing a new missile defense system on guam that is designed to shoot down incoming missiles and war heads. when president obama unvails his budget proposal next wednesday we are hearing it will include cuts to social security and other entitlement programs. what president obama is hoping to achieve and what he has asked republicans to do in return. gun control has inspired an ammunition buying frenzy. condition's governor sign into law tough new restrictions in response to the school shooting. since is then gun enthusiasts have been buying up guns and boxes of ammo.
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gun shops are running out. this is video of the latest gun buy back held a couple weeks ago in santa clara county. next weeks buy back is being held at the south san francisco courthouse. they will offer to $100 for handguns and long guns. police would like all the weapons unloaded and in the trunk of cars. proposed bill currently making its way to the state assembly would significantically change the -- significantly change the way red light cameras. another change though the owner of the car would be responsible to pay the ticket whether or not the owner was behind the wheel. it is friday. it's 5:06 as well. sal, we're hoping for friday night. how is it looking? >> i think i might be accommodate you. today is also the homeowner for
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at & t park. the giants and st. louis cardinals. and obviously it is sold out. that means the commute will be effected in san francisco. pretty much all day long. the game starts at 1:30. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. when people come to san francisco they use the san francisco bridge, the bay bridge, they use 101. bray bridge toll plaza right now looks good. no problems getting into san francisco. if you are driving in san jose, this is a nice look at downtown san jose freeway. northbound 280 on the right there. it's 5:07 let's go to steve. sal, i thought about 1:30 you were going to play your loot. >> yes i will be playing it with my flip-flops on. >> we have a lot of low clouds and drizzle in place.
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not a lot. what does show up on the satellite is our next system. this is the last system that came from way down here. this one is coming from straight across. 50s on the temps. look how mild it is. it's so mild people say forget it i'm sleeping in. 58 at the oakland airport. reno 46. even 56 down in monterey. low clouds will give away. very mild and muggy conditions. and the higher clouds will come in never. the moisture is in place. all you need is a little spin in the atmosphere. partly sunny and partly cloudy today. i say partly sunny pam said partly cloudy. 60s to 70s on the temps.
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72 gilroy. pam, the glass is halfful. please. clouds drained to the north bay on saturday. sunday night we might get one fast moving system. big crowds are expected for the giants season home opener. >> reporter: you know it's been a little less than 24 hours since we had that heavy downpour. i don't know if you were in san francisco but it was really, really rainy. this field does appear to be dried out. it is a little bit wet. it's looking really nice. if you take a look around the stadium you can see with have the bunting up, we have the flag pole where the the giants world championship flag will be hoisted a little bit later.
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coming up we will find out who will be raising that flag. the official season opener for the giants was against the l.a. dodgers if we can take a look at that video. it kicked off on monday. matt cane started on the mound. he did a great job. many giants fans fathered here at the ballpark in san francisco if catch the kickoff. thousands more will be back. we will be taking on the st. louis cardinals and kind of appropriate since it was the 2011 championship cardinals who the giants dethrowned in that seven-game national league championship series last october. the guy who really turned that around was pitcher barry zito and he will be taking the ball for the san francisco giants today in the home opener. we understand that pitch first pitch is at 1:35 this afternoon. coming up a little bit later we
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will find out who will be singing the national anthem and all of the stuff that fans look forward to. live from the ballpark i'm tara moriarty. >> such an exciting day. 5:10 is the time right now. we are getting a new look at that deadly crash at marysville raceway. >> more on the panic fans experienced when they tried to get help. a drone radar system discovers security. westbound 24 the traffic here looks pretty good getting up to the tunnel. another update is straight ahead.
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we have new video of oakland police serving high priority warrants of four people wanted on drug own weapon charges. police had search warrants for two homes in this area. they found the four people they were looking for but did not find any drugs. an assault rifle was lying in plain view of one of the homes and that was also taken into evidence. a new radar system using drones is finding significant gaps in security. that drone operated radar system was developed to track taliban fighters. but now it's being used along the u.s. border with mexico. the radar system collected
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evidence that border patrol agents crossed half the people crossing into the u.s. from mexico along the 150 square mile stretch of southern arizona. time now 5:14. there is word that president obama is reaching out to republicans on a budget plan. as ktvu kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom he appears to be on board with cutting enment program -- entitlement programs. >> reporter: a senior administration official says president obama's offer would help reduce the deficit by $1.8 trillion over the next ten years. and $400 billion of that would come through changes to medicare alone. other savings would come from a plan to revise cost of living calculations for social security and other benefit programs. this deal is not entirely new. the white house says president obama made this offer to house
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speaker john boehner in december. the president is expected to officially propose it to congress next week. republicans are not expected to jump at this deal. they are still mad that president obama missed his february deadline of proposing a budget. plus there are new tax increases in his proposal. we'll see who can be shelling out more when i see you next hour. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. newly released 911 calls are describing the horror fans experienced when a race car lost control last month. 14-year-old marcus johnson of santa rosa were killed in the accident. johnson's cousin was daveing the car when he lost control
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crashing into the pit area. dispatchers are discussing a proposal to upgrade technology to the 911 emergency system. the public could make video of 911 calls. dispatchers would watch livid owes. the technology is called next generation 911. two people were hurt. a witness told police some men were asking about another man's gang tattoo before the shots were fired. police are still looking for the gunman. bart is celebrating the one- year milestone of the expansion prompt.
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this will lower kato road so it passes beneath the railroad tracks. time now 5:17. we want to check in with sal. we are still hoping for light and something going on in san francisco this afternoon i guess. >> yeah a little something called a baseball game. in case you are just joining us we talked about that. it's also a traffic issue as a lot of people will be going to at & t park. let's go out and take a look
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>> the higher clouds will paint us tonight into saturday. so drizzle along the coast. rain to the north bay over the weekend. it looks dry to the south.
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it looks like a lot of clouds and some sun. partly sunny today. a slight warmup. you are starting off at 55-58- degrees. just a little bit of sun. we will get into the 70s. 60s for many. rain to the north bay on saturday. okay saturday night and sunday morning. another system clips us sunday night. it's out of here by monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. european markets down in early trading. that comes out in just about ten minutes from now. many asian markets over night closed in negative territory as well. hong kong fell nearly two and three quarters percent. investors reacting from new strain of bird flu hitting china. japan's nikkei had a big gain of 1.5%. checking in on our numbers this morning, pretty good day as expected yesterday with
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decent economic news coming in. the dow and nasdaq all gaining ground. the monthly jobless report comes in just about ten minutes. that is definitely going to play a big part in which direction the markets head today. hp investor ralph will temporarily take his place. now two other hp board members are also resigning. they narrowly won reelection to the board last month. hp is in the middle of a turn around that has created turmoil in the company. we'll keep an eye on that stock today. a bay area football player cut from the baltimore ravens. why he believes his stance on gay rights may have been a factor. walking could be just as good as running if a key condition is met. well, well, well.
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starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. santa cruz football player thinks hiss supports for gay rights may have cost him his job. he played for the super bowl champion baltimore ravens but yesterday the team officially terminated his contract. he understands the ravens can replace him with a younger player but the team probably didn't want the attention he received from sporting gay marriage. the ravens say he respects his
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personal opinions but the contract was a football matter. ed rush jokingly offered $5,000 for an official to call a technical foul on arizona coach shawn miller. larry scott says no one took rush seriously but someone did call a technical foul on miller last month. a fundraiser will be held tonight for the family of a san jose teenager killed by a train late last month. san jose lincoln high school is holding the event in memory of 16-year-old donya. he was known for his love of music. students will be performing in his honor. a spokesperson for cal train says his death still appears to be an accident. there is good news for people who exercise for their health but don't want to run. brisk walking can be just as good for your heart. but they say it's in a matter
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of how far you walk. people who run may take only half as long to cover the same distance but the health effects are very similar. and the more people walk or run if the more their health improves. >> walking and running is good. >> i prefer speed walking over running. time is 5:25. sal, hopefully traffic is looking good. >> it is looking pretty good so far brian and pam. i think today the day is going to be effected by the wet weather that we have. so let's take a look at some of the pictures we have for the morning commute. northbound 280 looks good getting up to the 880 interchange with no issues driving through. it has been a nice drive this morning on 17 coming down from the mountains into the valley. also the morning commute is looking good on 680 southbound past mission boulevard heading to the south bay. let's go to steve. >> we have a lot of low clouds around. some areas of fog and a little bit of drizzle. oakland has reported some.
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santa rosa if you encounter any or see any or hear any. partly sunny and partly cloudy. giants game looks good. and higher clouds will come in later on. kind of a mixed bag today. sun and clouds in the afternoon. a lot of low clouds kind of foggy with drizzle here in the morning. 5:26 is the time right now. unexpected end to a hawaiian vacation for one police officer as the tsa releases security video painting him as a hero.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news i'm brian flores. dave clark is off today. >> time is just about 5:30. and steve says partly cloudy. partly sunny. >> partly sunny pamela. [ laughter ] >> it's going to be a little bit of both. >> that is true. thank you. good morning. low clouds and fog out there. we'll get a break today and the higher clouds will come in. everything looks good for the giants game today at 1:35. 60s and 70s. here is sal. good way to get to that game is public transportation as you look at bart it does look good. highway 4 westbound not a bad drive coming out to the willow pass grade. also this morning we are looking at a crash in san francisco that happened at 3:00. this video shows a couple suvs
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got into this wreck and fell. now the crash did block all the lanes for a time. police are investigating the incident. we haven't been told yet if alcohol played a role in this crash but the lanes will reopen in about a half hour. let's go back to the desk. san francisco police are searching for the suspect accused of stealing a taxi and leading them in a high speed chase. the taxi driver was helping out a passenger when the suspect entered the cab and drove off. officers tracked the cab through through the cabs gps. san francisco police chased the car to pacifica and back. >> we see this taxi cab roll up and this guy jumps out of it before it stops and it slams into the parking poles here. and soon enough a cop pulls up behind him. and they start running. >> this morning the suspect remains on the loose. no word on a description. the taxi was taken from the scene about a half hour ago.
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crews have fixed a water valve leak that flooded part of an east san mateo neighborhood. water began leaking from a valve at van buren street at 9:30 last night. water poured up from under ground pipes for six hours. cal water had to dig to find the source of the leak and cap it. so far crews say no property was damaged. we have a sad update to a story we've been following since tuesday. the off duty paramedic who was shot in oakland has died at the hospital. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is at the company. >> boyer worked here out of the san jose office of santa clara county ambulance. people here are emotionally drained. you can see this makeshift memorial has been set up. people have left flowers here just to honor his memory. the 34-year-old paramedic was married and lived in dublin. his friends and family have been praying for his recovery
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ever since he fell victim to a violent attack. oakland police say boyer was off duty and driving when a man got out of another car and shooting bowyer and hitting him in the head. police have not confirmed reports that this started as an attempted robbery. and now to get more on resoaks with how paramedics here are feeling. we go to spokeswoman monica gomez. how is everybody doing this morning? >> all of our employees are having a really tough time. it was almost two years ago to the date that the incident took place with bryan stow. he worked with many of our employees and now quinn boyer. i think it's the circumstances of what unfolded and then hearing of his passing it's just -- employees are in a state of shock. they are used to helping patients. they are used to taking care of people out in the field, but in
5:34 am
this case they are having to deal with emotions of one of their own. it makes it really challenging. >> thank you so much monica gomez with santa clara county ambulance. we understand there were grief counselors inside santa clara county ambulance yesterday and they will be back again today for any of the paramedics who feel as they need it. as the morning goes on we plan to speak to some of his coworkers so they can share memories about boyer. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. it could be another week before people get their trash picked up. union workers with allied waste, daly city, pacifica, half-moon bay are on a sympathy strike. they are supporting a strike in youngstown, ohio where workers are claiming unfair labor practices. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty took these pictures of overflowing garbage cans in daly city. websites are advising people to not put their trash cans
5:35 am
outside. the workers were also on strike yesterday by the way. pleasanton preschool that came under fire last month is facing more allegations this morning. according if a new complaint that the california department of social services a young student at center point precool was pinched by a teacher. it's a separate incident from the allegations where former teacher angela is accused of tying up a two-year-old girl with masking tape after the little girl refused to take a nap. the school was shut down for a week in march. the tsa typically has a policy of not releasing security video. in this case it's making an exception. take a look at this. on saturday a female tsa agent was assaulted by a passenger at honolulu's airport. that is when you see a man vault over the wall and tackle the passenger. that man is pi fell police officer justin rogers. >> turn back around and sure enough she is punching her.
5:36 am
i backed the tsa agent against the wall. >> this is the booking photo of the woman accused of attacking that tsa agent. he will if back patrolling the streets of pinole this weekend. there is new information in a case of the colorado movie theater massacre. the defendant is charged with killing 12 people at a batman film last july. despite opposition from the prosecution and defense. the judge has released documents from the police investigation. the documents reveal a month before the mass shooting a psychiatrist who was treating the suspect at the time told the university of colorado police he was a danger to the public. the power is now back on at japan's tsunami damaged nuclear plant. it was caused by construction work to keep the red lights out -- the rats out of the facility. the outage lasted about two
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hours. there was no immediate danger from the break down but the plant is set to be decommissioned. it is a big day at the ballpark for san francisco giants fans. tara moriarty is live at at & t park with more on how the team is preparing for the first game at home. tara. >> reporter: you know we had a lot of rain yesterday. it was really, really pouring but now the skies are clear. the seats are a little bit wet. as you take a look you can see they are a little wet. the workers here will be wiping down each and every seat. we have seen them do it in years past. you can see out there on the field there are crews that are beginning to do preparations. we've got the opening day on the field that was pated. we've got all of the bunting that is upright now. in the distance there is a flag pole and that is where they will be raising the world series championship flag. but doesn't it feel like yesterday the giants clinched the world series?
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it never gets old seeing them sweep the detroit tigers. today they will be taking on the cardinals. kind of appropriate it was the cardinals they dethrowned in that seven-game national league championship series last october. the man who really turned that series around was pitcher barry zito. he will be taking the ball from san francisco today in the home opener. in the first series of the season third baseman pablo showed in ill effects from that nerve irritation. and zito has had success against two of the power threats. the official season opener for the giants was against the l.a. dodgers. and matt cain started on the mound. he's a little outshined by clayton. and many giants fans gathered in san francisco at the
5:39 am
ballpark to watch the kickoff to the season. thousands more will be back today. the giants sold out 165 regular season home games dating back to 2010. back here you can see that once again it's very quiet. but of course a little bit later that is all going to be changing. in several hours. 1:35 first pitch. and the cast of the jersey boys will be singing the star spangle banner. we have yet to find out who will be singing god bless america. >> tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. we talk about the game, sal. there might be traffic delays as you head to at & t park later this afternoon. >> yeah. the giants i think they sell out every game. 42,000 people down in the south of market area. >> avoid that area with your car. >> parking is different by the way this year. parking is a little more expensive. best way to get there is public
5:40 am
transportation. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the morning commute. of course we will be over all of that for you. every year when it's opening day at the bay bridge it gets busier later in the morning. on fridays we usually have friday light. but today later on in the morning as people try to get into the city you will see traffic accumulating here at the toll plaza. no major problems. also the morning commute on north and southbound 880 the traffic is moving along very well in both directions here in front of the coliseum. and this mornings drive on 101 and 280 on the peninsula that is looking pretty good. steve. >> sal. >> if they would have told you barry zito would be the opening day pitcher a few years ago, would you have believed them? >> no. but sal. >> yes, sir. >> that south beach area is a nice part of town. >> isn't it? >> it is. if you are heading to the game today, mild and muggy. some areas of fog too. that is really not up above it's clear. the higher clouds are inching
5:41 am
closer. the next system coming in it will sweep in here tonight and into tomorrow. 59. 59 at the oakland airport. my goodness. that is how mild it is. walnut creek 66. redwood city is in there. novato 54. 54 concord. everybody is in the mild category. 34 up in tahoe. 50s ukiah, sacramento. everybody is kind of in the same ballpark. the system that is coming in again will kind of spread a lot of high clouds later on. but we will get low clouds. and then we will get some sun. and then the higher clouds will come back in. this system looks like it will be with us through the weekend. partly to mostly cloudy with rain to the north bay. weaker system than the one we will have. partly sunny and drizzle. light warmup though. upper 60s and low 70s. if you are sitting at 58 degrees, it wouldn't take much. clouds roll in on saturday.
5:42 am
rain to the north. i don't think we will see anything to the south. looks okay sunday morning. sunday night another system zips by. monday it's out of here. tuesday and wednesday looking warmer. 5:41 is the time. president obama serves up controversy. his comment about california attorney general kamala harris that some say is sexist. >> it was a bullet. i guess he grazed me. >> a teenage boy wounded by oakland police in a ktvu news exclusive we hear his accounts moments before the shooting. this morning on westbound 24 it looks pretty good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning. a lot of low clouds. it will be partly to mostly
5:45 am
sunny for awhile. high clouds come in mild and muggy and warm. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following right now. the san francisco police are looking for the person who stole a taxi. the overnight pursuit went to pacifica and ended on the campus of san francisco state. the suspect got out of the car and was able to escape from officers. we'll have a live report at the top of the hour. off duty paramedic shot in oakland died yesterday afternoon at the hospital. on tuesday 34-year-old quinn boyer was shot in the head at a stop sign on keller avenue. police have not confirmed reports that this was an attempted robbery. president obama is proposing cuts to social security as an attempt to compromise with republicans on the budget. reportedly when a president releases his budget on wednesday, it will included a revised way to calculate ways of living in social security. a comment that president obama made about secretary of
5:46 am
general kamala harris. president called harris brilliant, dedicated, and tough. and then he praised her physical appearance. president obama's exact words were quote she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney general in the country. kamala harris is here. some critics call the remarks inappropriate and sexist. soon after attending that event he headed back to washington, d.c.. while in the bay area he attended two fundraisers in at earthen, two in san francisco, and in his 20 hours here brought in more than $3 million for democratic candidates in next years midterm election. six world powers plus iran are meeting for a two-day round of talks to discuss iran's nuclear program. this is new video out of kazakhstan today. that is where representatives from the u.s., russia, china, britain, france, and germany and iran are meeting. iran is seeking to end economic
5:47 am
sanctions. today the public will get a chance to shear what several investigations in the chevron fire revealed. it sent huge plumes of smoke into the air. and thousands of people complained of problems breathing afterwards. chevron says it has completed repairs and state regulators says the plant could resume full operations in the next few days. in a story you will only see on 2 an exclusive interview with the teenage boy mistakenly shot by oakland police. you can see bandages covering the right cheek of 16-year-old frenswa rainer. police were investigating the armed robbery of a restaurant worker and a witness mistook rainer and two of his friends for the suspects. >> i was like this and the dude shot me. i had my hands up.
5:48 am
people saw me. and my friends was like why are you shooting my cousin because i didn't do nothing. rainer and his father are demanding an explanation from police. oakland police chief howard jordan admits the shooting was an error. without going intoe details he says the officer who opened fire had perceived a threat. light rain through the weekend is not easing concerns about a water shortage this year. rivers and lakes are at below water levels. the average precipitation in sonoma and marin counties average 16 inches. but there has been less than four inches before the start of the year. that is the lowest amount in 72 years. right now it's 5:48. sal has a little update. san francisco. that crash you were talking about earlier. >> no. there is actually a fire response pam and brian at the ferry building. it turned out one of the
5:49 am
cooking machines was left on and filled the building with smoke. nothing major but it's a traffic issue because there is a bunch of fire trucks and engines. if you are wondering what is going on, that is what is going on. there isn't a fire but they had to send a response any way. let's take a look at highway 24 westbound. there are no major problems here driving between wall news creek and oakland. bay bridge toll plaza is still light. today is the home opener at at & t park later this morning. much later than you are used to see it as people stream into san francisco for that event today. also on the peninsula you will see slow traffic. we are trying to warn you ahead of time it won't be a typical san francisco day. 5:49 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. very happy cloudy morning. a little bit of drizzle. most of the clouds are up a little bit. but some areas you get up
5:50 am
around 1,000 feet or so there is thick fog. it will be partly sunny for awhile. next system coming across right here getting closer. it will give us clouds tonight and some light rain i think in the north baby tomorrow. low clouds foggy. drizzle out there. just pockets of it. sun and clouds. humid and muggy. we are sitting in the mid 50s here. 50s for many. mid to upper 50s. just a little bit of sun and temperatures will warm up. higher clouds are getting closer but it will be here later instead of sooner. partly sunny. morning drizzle. i don't want to call it rain. but if you do that is fine. 60s to upper 60s and low 70s. temperatures recovering a little bit. i think the cloud cover will put things in check on saturday with rain coming in from the knot bay. a break saturday night and sunday. sunday night a system zips by after it's gone. the labor department just reported worse than expected news on the jobs front.
5:51 am
a little bit mixed. it says 88,000 new jobs were created in march. that is the fewest in ten months. about half the number most analysts were looking for. the unemployment rate dropped untenth of a percent. but labor analysts say that is most likely because more people stopped looking for work so they're not included in that number. we'll keep an eye on wall street and see how it's responding to that report. the walt disney company plans to start laying off workers in the studio and consumer product divisions before the end of the month. that is according to people inside the company. disney not saying how many people will be cut but the studio job cuts will center on the marketing and home video units. it will also include some people in the animation division. and san francisco's millennium tower project has set a sales record. according to the san francisco business times this morning, all 419 units in the tower are
5:52 am
sold. that generated three quarters of a billion dollars which is a west coast record. that is despite selling through the worst economic collapse. it's also a 25% return on development costs. time is 5:51. and coming up new crimes caught on video in broad daylight. more on what people in san francisco's out ever sunset district are doing to keep their families safe. good morning. traffic on 80 westbound is looking pretty good as you drive to the mccarthur maze. there is word of a muni metro delay. i'm trying to find out more. we'll let you know more coming up.
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good morning. a lot of low clouds this way. local drizzle. very mild 50s. we'll have some low clouds. no problems for the giants game. high clouds tonight. 60s and 70s. both make hikers who disappeared are in the hospital this morning. she was severely dehydrated and had trouble breathing. she and her 19-year-old friend nicholas got lost during an easter hiking trip in the cleveland national forpest -- forest. both are expected to recover.
5:56 am
some people living in the outer sunset district say they are getting frustrated by an increase in crime in their neighborhood. neighbors say this gas station on lincoln avenue is a hub where homeless people gather and cause problems. this is video of an apparent drug deal which took place wednesday afternoon caught on tape by a neighborhood watch camera. the police captain says there has been a rash of daytime home break ins also in the area. neighbors say they are working together to report crimes in hopes of making the area more safe for their kids. parks and recreation fees are going up. the city council approved a plan that would bring in $138,000 of revenue per year. other youth programs, picnic areas, and tennis courts are also effected. some of the fee hikes are also in effect. a construction set back is not slowing down plans for the grand opening of the new bay bridge. the labor day weekend party
5:57 am
will feature a bridge walk and several races. registration for that event begins next month. recently as we've been reporting bridge engineers discovered a problem with some of the large steel bolts in the new span. but they say that the repairs should not delay that september 3rd grand opening. coming up on 6:00 right now. sal, how is traffic looking out there? >> it looks pretty good brian and pam. right now we are looking at traffic that is light for a friday in almost all the areas. northbound 280 looking good. 17 and 85 also doing very well in the valley. if you are trying to get your job and no problems on 101 or 280 as well or on 680. southbound 680 looks good on the way down to the bottom of the hill. let's go back to the desk. coming up next in our 6:00 hour that search is about to get under way for a woman missing in the santa cruz area. the reason her medical history is causing big concerns.
5:58 am
there is a story we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a wild chase ends up on san francisco's state campus. the live report for the search for a suspect. good morning. fog and drizzle but what about this afternoon? we'll have your forecast in two minutes.
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